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Table Saw Thickness Sander Disc Sander
I've had the saw for about two years now. What a great piece of equipment. It has given NO troubles, and I'm still on the original belt. Aside from the occasional thorough cleaning, the saw has required no maintenance, and shows no wear. The fence micrometer is worth its weight in gold, and still accurate. Thanks again for such a quality machine.
- Phil

I've compared my Byrnes saw with a Proxxon at the local Woodcraft store, and make no mistake - as good as the Proxxon is or may be, the Byrnes saw is in a whole different league ... the build quality, fit and finish, etc. was vastly and obviously superior.
- Jim

Jim Byrnes
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Due to manufacturing delays from our suppliers because of the coronavirus, we are unable to take new orders for machines with a 120v motor.

All orders currently in-house will be shipped within the next two weeks. We do have 230v machines available for our international customers as well as all accessories and blades listed for the machines.

We apologize for this inconvenience. We have been given a schedule for mid- to end-of-June for delivery of the 120v motors.

Stay safe,

Donna and Jim